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I began my education by taking classes in Japanese Restoration and Swedish massage. I received my license in 1999. Through yearly continuing education hours my style of massage has grown and changed. This allows me to tailor a session to your needs.

My pressure is light to medium.  However for those that need a deep tissue style of massage I recommend Japanese, hot stone or warm bamboo.  

My massage pressure is light to medium.

For my clients that have purchased a Groupon or Living Social voucher when making your appointment please state that. Let me know which option you have chosen.  Also if you wish to receive a hot stone or warm bamboo massage note that as well because there is some preparation I need to do before hand. 

First time clients please arrive a few minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment to fill out paper work.


ZenSational Signature Massage

Using a lotion this service is designed for your specific needs.  Incorporation a variety of massage and bodywork techniques your experience will be exceptionally soothing and relaxing.

30 min-$40    60 min-$65    90 min-$90

Japanese Restoration Therapy

This is a deep tissue style of massage without the feel of traditional deep tissue. It uses acupoints and the forearm to promote healing  and balance the body's energy


Serenity Stone Massage

The ancient art of healing uses elements of Mother Nature to bring relief to tense muscles, sore joints, stressed emotions and weary spirits. Smooth, heated stones are combined with massage for an exceptional experience.


Bamboo Fusion Massage

Elevate your body massage with heated natural bamboo sticks and "stones" that act as extensions of the fingertips, allowing for greater, more even pressure.


Groupon or Living Social Clients

Your service with me is already paid for. Please bring your voucher number with you.

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